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Current "Religion, Cultures and Philosophy" Groups.     Members: to find more details/dates/news or to contact a Group Leader, go to our Member's Page

                                                                                                          Interest Groups are open to York U3A members only.

An Introduction to the Biblical Roots of the Christian Faith

This group is for all who want to discover the Biblical Hebraic origins of the Christian Faith.

Having explored (and tasted) all the Biblical Feasts we shall now examine the prophetic meanings of the Sacrifices and Offerings, The Temple and The Tabernacle and much, much more.


Venue:The Fell Room, 2-4pm on the 3rd Monday every month commencing 19th September 2016.



Discovering Eastern Europe & Russia: Culture,History,People

This group freely explores all aspects of life and culture in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. It is brought to life by its enthusiastic group members, many of whom have travelled, worked or lived in these areas. Where they wish to, members are encouraged to discuss with the group their experiences or interests, thus giving a wide range of topics which have included: lifestyles, history, music, ballet, literature, art, architecture, espionage, language, religion and politics in many states.


Russian language may also be practised by members who wish to further their understanding or wish to test another language. Previous knowledge is not necessary. If you are interested in discovering more about the above or contributing to this lively group, please,


Venue: Fell Room, 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 10:00 until noon, starting 15th September 2016


Exploring the Bible

This is a non-devotional, non-evangelical, open-minded exploration of themes, stories and personalities of the Old and New Testament. People of any faith, or none, are welcome to join.


Basically we look at relevant Bible passages and open up discussion, without necessarily coming to any definite conclusion. In the process we learn a little and get to know each other.

Members are invited to suggest topics. Topics explored last year included Judas, James the brother of Jesus, angels, an overview of the Old Testament, and ‘Versions of Jesus’.


Venue:Meetings are from 10.00 to 11.45 fortnightly on Monday mornings, starting on the 19th September, in the Garden Room in the Friends’ Meeting House

Exploring Other Cultures

If you are interested in exploring other cultures and finding out about different people, their history, customs, beliefs and religions, then come along and meet other like-minded people. We meet monthly to share personal knowledge and experience with each other. We also visit other places and attend various events and, when necessary, seek guest speakers throughout the year. You do not need to have any special knowledge or experience yourself but it is essential to have an interest in learning more about people from other cultures.


Venue: 3rd Tuesday afternoon of the month in the Fell Room 1.30 to 3.00



There will be 6 meetings offering a personal perspective on the numerous systems and religions that are available nowadays. They will cover Buddhism (Tibetan); Christianity as a follower of Jesus; Shivitism and the Vedas; Oneness and "New Age" teachings; Shamanism and the old religions, and the final talk will be on a way of blending all these together.


The format will be a discussion group - where I will do a short presentation of the topic and then open it up for discussion.


Venue:Woolman Room 4th Monday in the month, 10am-12pm



End of Life Issues

(Starting January 2017)


Positive discussions about the final years of lives we are living longer than ever before. How can we maximize our physical and emotional well-being in the future? Are there decisions we can make now to ensure our wishes are met later?


There will be some guest experts invited to our sessions.


Venue:  Fell Room, 4th Wednesday each month, January to June. 10-12 am.


Philosophical Explorations

The title describes what we do - investigate philosophical issues. We are a discussion group which has been going for eleven years but we are always open to receiving new members. We discuss a wide range of topics, sometimes looking at the work of individual philosophers, sometimes at philosophical 'schools'.


You will probably enjoy this group if

• You’ve always wanted to think about the big questions but have never quite got round to it

• You’re the sort of person who likes to get to the bottom of an argument

• You are fascinated by ideas and enjoy discussion

• You are interested in learning what some ‘great minds’ have thought


This is probably not the group for you if

• You do not like to have your ideas challenged

• You become irritated by people who think differently from yourself

• You cannot see any point in arguing about ideas


Venue: The Fell Room, weekly on Thursday afternoons