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Current "Religion, Cultures and Philosophy" Groups.     Members: to find more details/dates/news or to contact a Group Leader, go to our Member's Page

                                                                                                          Interest Groups are open to York U3A members only.

An Introduction to the Biblical Roots of the Christian Faith

This group is for all who want to discover the Biblical Hebraic origins of the Christian Faith.




Venue:The Fell Room, 2-4pm on the 3rd Monday every month



Discovering Eastern Europe & Russia: Culture,History,People

This group freely explores all aspects of life and culture in Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. It is brought to life by its enthusiastic group members, many of whom have travelled, worked or lived in these areas. Where they wish to, members are encouraged to discuss with the group their experiences or interests, thus giving a wide range of topics which have included: lifestyles, history, music, ballet, literature, art, architecture, espionage, language, religion and politics in many states.


Russian language may also be practised by members who wish to further their understanding or wish to test another language. Previous knowledge is not necessary.


Venue: Fell Room, 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 10:00 until noon,        Starting 6th September  



Exploring the Bible

This is a non-devotional, non-evangelical, open-minded group which looks at books, themes, stories and personalities of the Old and New Testament. People of any faith, or none, are welcome to join.


In 2017/18, we read John’s Gospel and studied the theme of Resurrection, as well as some stories from Genesis.


Our programme for 2018/19 will similarly include books from the Old and New Testament, chosen by members, and also biblical themes or topics.



Venue:We meet every Monday morning in the Garden Room at the Friends’ Meeting House in Friargate from 10.00 to 11.45, starting on 10th September.

Exploring Other Cultures

If you are interested in exploring other cultures and finding out about different people, their history, customs, beliefs and religions, then come along and meet other like-minded people. We meet monthly to share personal knowledge and experience with each other. We also visit other places and attend various events and, when necessary, seek guest speakers throughout the year. You do not need to have any special knowledge or experience yourself but it is essential to have an interest in learning more about people from other cultures.


Venue: 3rd Tuesday afternoon of the month in the Fell Room 1.30 to 3.00


Beyond Religion and Politics  

This group is an evolution of the Spirituality group which started in 2016. Each talk will include a presentation of a modern day issue - such as health, environmental concerns, economics, financial debt burdens and so on and offer a viewpoint beyond religion, politics and separation.


We can then discuss together in circle our own views, personal opinions, possible solutions etc. I like answering questions, so if you have a burning question about life and its meaning, please come to our group.


Venue: Woolman Room 4th Monday in the month, 10am-12pm




Philosophical Investigations

The title describes what we do; explore philosophy. We are a discussion group examining a variety of the philosophical issues, schools, and personalities which shape the way we think.


We try to link the philosophical views under discussion with issues around us in the modern world, and we do our best to show tolerance with the views of others with whom we may quite strongly disagree.


Experience shows this promotes the right kind of atmosphere in the group for fruitful discussion.


It is hoped that we can continue to benefit from presentations by members of the group who wish to talk on subjects in which they have a particular interest. Such contributions will be entirely voluntary.




Venue: Fell Room; weekly every Thursday 2pm – 4pm, starting 13th September.