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Current "Outdoor Pursuits" Groups.                      Members: to find more details/dates/news or to contact a Group Leader, go to our Member's Page

                                                                                            Interest Groups are open to York U3A members only.

Bird Watching

A continuing course: The group’s programme includes visits to sites suitable for bird watching in the area with a maximum journey time (each way) of 90 minutes, using car sharing where possible, which individuals arrange among themselves.  We usually finish by mid-afternoon.  


This is an active group and a certain level of fitness is required as the sites are varied, can be hilly and the walks around the site can be 2 to 3 miles.    


Longer day trips are also occasionally arranged.


Venue: Various sites. Meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month.



Geology, Landscapes and Building Stones of N & W Yorkshire

Bird Watching Group 2

Short Country Walks


Walking Group - Enjoying the Countryside

Walking on the Wolds

Thursday Monthly Rambles

Over the Hill Walking Group

Boots by Bus 1

Wild Flower Walks 2018

Cycling Group

Walks around York

Wildlife Walks by Public Transport

The group usually meets on the third Thursday of the month, visits to reserves and sites are within 90 minutes’ drive from York


We plan to arrive around 10.00am and leave between 3.00 and 4.00pm .


Members should wear stout footwear and be able to walk up to 4 miles during the visit.


The group leader emails details of the visit to all members approx. 7 days beforehand and wherever practical members car share




The group usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month to visit sites of interest within the county.


We use public transport and car-sharing depending on the area visited, meeting about 9.30am and returning by late afternoon.


Members should be prepared and suitably equipped to walk up to 4 miles in open country.


The area of study is the coast and countryside, towns, villages and churches. We consider how geology has influenced land forms, industry and buildings.


Group members are invited to contribute their own knowledge of landscape and the natural world.





This friendly group meets on alternate Tuesday mornings throughout most of the year.


Walks are within 25 miles (or thereabouts) of York and are circular of between 5 and 7 miles depending upon the time of year.



These are undertaken at a quick but sensible pace and are therefore not suitable for anyone looking for a leisurely outing.  


Car sharing is encouraged and passengers are expected to make a contribution towards the cost of petrol.





New members will be warmly welcomed to the Rambling Group, which walks within a radius of about 40 miles from York, mainly in the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors, Yorkshire Wolds and the Howardian Hills.


Walks are approximately 10 miles in length and include a stop for a picnic lunch; usually we visit a teashop afterwards.


Walking boots and waterproofs are essential, and you should bring sufficient food and drink for the day.   No dogs please.


Venue: Walks are every other Tuesday, meeting at 10.00am for a 10.30am start. Details of how to reach the starting point are circulated in advance and members make their own way there. Car sharing may be arranged privately, with passengers customarily paying the driver £5.00 towards costs.



Our walks are held on the third Friday of each month from January to November, and are planned to be up to 6 miles in length.  We try to find a variety of countryside for our walks, generally within an hour’s drive of York, and sharing transport wherever possible.


They are likely to take most of the day, as we stop to look at anything of interest along the way, and we usually end with tea and cake if there is a convenient tea shop nearby.


New group members are welcome to join us at any time of the year.


Venue: Walks are held on the 3rd Friday of each month, meeting at 10.30 a.m. There are no costs other than contributions to shared transport and very occasional entrance fees.




We walk for 2-2½ hours.  Maximum distance is 6 miles, but often 5 miles. Please bring walking boots, waterproofs, a snack and a drink.  


Venue: We meet fortnightly on Fridays at the starting point of the walk. Walks start at 10.00am.




Walks take place on the last Thursday of each month and you should make your own way to the start point ready to leave at 10:30.


We walk about 7 miles in around 4 hours and usually go to a cafe afterwards for tea.  Please bring suitable footwear, waterproofs and a packed lunch.


If this course is oversubscribed a waiting list will be started.


A list of walks is sent to all members by email at the end of the previous year or in paper form on the last walk of the year

Walks of 6–8 miles in the Yorkshire countryside, on the second Thursday of every month, with particular reference to the seasons.


Waterproofs, walking boots and packed lunch essential.  


Make your own way to the starting point for 10:30 am departure.  Grid reference for parking on walks’ list.


New walk list out in November. Suggestions for walks and offers to lead very welcome.





We walk on the third Thursday of every month, using buses and/or trains to travel to and from the walk.


Walks are from 7 - 9 miles in length and are usually linear.


Wearing boots and waterproofs can make the walk more comfortable and a packed lunch is needed as we rarely pass a cafe, although we usually find one at the end of the walk.


We walk in all areas of Yorkshire that have convenient bus or train connections but with a particular bias towards the South Pennine area.


Details of the walks are given in the Newsletter and an email reminder is sent out before each walk to confirm the transport details.


New members are very welcome to join at any time of the year and offers to lead walks would be appreciated.



Venue: Wherever there is a starting point for a good walk.

Participants on these walks use local buses (and occasionally trains) to travel to and from the walks.


Walks vary between seven and nine miles in length. They are scheduled to take place on the first Thursday of each month. Walking boots, water proof jackets and a picnic lunch are essential.


Most group members use their bus passes to travel to and from the walk so the only expenses incurred are when we travel by train or if members wish to visit a cafe at the end of the walk.


The group is already well-subscribed but there are currently one or two places.


The continuation of the group depends on members volunteering to research and lead walks or to contribute in some other way to the success of the group, for example, by researching an interesting feature or helping with the website. Therefore, from September 2016 onwards, members will be asked to commit to making a contribution of some sort.


Details of bus times and stops will be sent to members of the group before the walk


To explore and enjoy the wonderful countryside and wildlife of Yorkshire, according to the seasons and members’ particular interests, including birds, butterflies and dragonflies, mammals, flowers, trees and fungi.


Trips are arranged each month throughout the year, usually on a Monday.  Details of meeting place and transport (bus or train) will be provided in each Newsletter.


All participants need to be able to walk 4-5 miles in the countryside, and will require walking boots.  However walks may be shorter than this as the aim is to study the wildlife rather than to achieve a specific target distance.  


Please bring a packed lunch to eat en-route, but we will also try to finish the walk at a suitable point for refreshment before returning to York.





Boots by Bus or Train

Leisurely-paced walks of 2-6 miles allows group members time to identify some of the common and not so common wild flowers in the countryside.  


Members take it in turns to record the plants seen during the walk.  Walks are all day usually finishing by mid-afternoon so a picnic lunch and drinks are required.  


Walking boots are advisable because some of the paths may be uneven, slippery or steep.  It is also recommended a waterproof jacket is carried.  Insect repellent may be needed on some walks.  A notebook, wild flower identification book(s) and a hand lens can be useful.


Venue: Anywhere there is a good assemblage of wild flowers within a 35-mile radius of York.  Group members need to make their own way to the venues so transport is required but it may be possible for car sharing to be arranged after the first walk.


Walks are on Mondays at 2-4 week intervals, meeting at 10.30hrs starting in April and finishing in late August/September.  It is anticipated there will be 6 walks.  The dates and locations of the walks will be sent to group members in February 2018.


Walks in and around York, using public transport if possible.  


Length: about 3-6 miles.


Venue: Normally 3rd Monday in the month. Full details will be printed in the Newsletter.






We cycle to places 12 miles or so from York, have a leisurely lunch and then return. Most of the rides are along Sustrans or Cycle Streets routes and so are along cycle paths wherever possible.


We meet at different places depending where we are going and we also pick people up along the way so that people don’t end up cycling into town only to cycle out again.


I send maps by email before each ride and people say where they want to join along the route.


Dates: We go out on the 1st Wednesday of each month.


Destinations:Over lunch at each ride we decide where we’re going next time. New ideas are always welcome!