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Current "Games of Skill" Groups.                       Members: to find more details/dates/news or to contact a Group Leader, go to our Member's Page

                                                                                      Interest Groups are open to York U3A members only.

Mah Jong One

This is a small continuing group learning the game and improving our skills.  We enjoy playing together.  


The group is full and a waiting list is in operation. Enquiries can be made to the group leader.


Venue: Meetings are twice monthly at 1:45 pm to 4.45pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday at the home of the group leader.

Charges 50p per meeting to cover the cost of tea/coffee and biscuits. There is one step at the entrance but the double front door can be opened.



Play Cards

Mah Jong Two

Bridge Course for Absolute Beginners

Beginners /  Improvers Bridge

Beginners Bridge 1

Bridge - The Art of Playing

Scrabble (Club Play)


Scrabble (Social Play)

Playing Chess:  All Stages

Play Chess

Mah Jong 2 is a small friendly group that has again increased its numbers slightly in the past year, but we would like to have one or two more members.


We are willing to teach anyone who has not played before. Mah Jong is a fairly easy game to learn. It is similar to the card game, Rummy, and has a small element of chance.


Venue: At the home of the co-ordinators,  but occasionally at other members’ homes. Thursday afternoons from 2pm till 5pm. There are no charges.




We are a friendly and sociable group. We meet every Tuesday from 6th Sept 2016 until 25th July 2017.


Our members enjoy playing cards which give us a challenge. We will accept beginners who are willing to learn new games. The games we have played include Canasta, Contract Gin Rummy, Contract Whist, Kaluki and Solo. Members can introduce other games to the group.


The cost of the session is the purchase of refreshments at the venue. Membership is flexible no requirement to attend every week.


Venue: The Graduate, Lendal; 1.30pm to 4.00pm

This group is for complete beginners, no prior knowledge will be assumed, and indeed attendees need never have seen a pack of cards.  The course is the official EBU (English Bridge Union) course and consists of 30 lessons.


This course will run from September 2016 and will take a little more than a year to complete (due to holidays) and will be limited to eight students.



Venue: Tuesday mornings at Group Leader's house in Osbaldwick, 10.30-12.30




For those members who have a good knowledge of cards, such as whist, or who have played bridge in the past but who are not familiar with Acol bidding.


Members who wish, may join both Beginners Bridge 1 and Beginners/Improvers Bridge.


Venue:The Graduate on Lendal on Monday afternoons 2pm to 4pm


Start 5th November. No cost




A continuing course on Acol bidding and card play.


Venue:The Fell room on Wednesday afternoons from 1 to 4 (ish)


From 7th September 2016 to 31st May 2017.




Duplicate Bridge

The group meets weekly on Tuesday afternoons throughout the year to play social Duplicate Bridge.


New members must have a reasonable understanding of the game and, if possible, should come with a partner - but we do our utmost to match up singles.


Current charge is £2 per person per session, which includes refreshments.


Venue: St Edward’s Church Hall, Tadcaster Road


Tuesdays, weekly, 12.30 pm to 4:00 pm. Disabled access

This course is for those who have gained experience in the game and can attend regularly to improve their skills.


Sessions are from 1.00 pm until 4:00 pm, starting with tutorials in Acol and card play techniques, followed at 1:30 pm by play with members.


After a tea break, play is with partners of one’s choice.


A fee of £1 covers tea, prizes and a donation to Connaught Court.


Venue: Fulford on Fridays, weekly, at 1.00pm

Collins Scrabble dictionary and word lists can be consulted; ideal for members wishing to improve their play.

We collect an agreed amount per person for each meeting to cover the cost of the hall and refreshments.


Venue:We meet at Bishopthorpe Village Hall (opposite the Co-op) from 1:45 pm to 4:00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Lift to meeting on first floor. £1 for hire of room and refreshments.  Disabled access


Note: There will be a different venue just for the month of December – this will be announced to members in the newsletter.





Play is in pairs and to National Scrabble Club Rules, no referring is allowed.


We collect an agreed amount per member per meeting for refreshments and incidental expenses.


Venue: The homes of members from 1:45 pm to 4:00 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month, except December. Venues are given in the Newsletter. 50p for refreshments.

Some venues do not have downstairs toilets.


Venue: The leader’s home, fortnightly on Wednesdays, 2pm - 4pm throughout the year.


Chess is good for the brain: playing it exercises both sides of the brain giving it a good workout; it sparks creativity, improves problem solving skills and helps optimise your memory.  

Apart from this it is good fun!


Why not join us and play chess, just for pleasure.  Players of all ability are most welcome, including those wishing to learn the game.


It is hoped that all members will improve their standard of play through internal tournaments, discussing their games and learning new openings.


Venue: The Fell Room on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (Starting in September) from 1:30 pm to 3:45 pm all year round except for August and Christmas.  


MathsJam- a playgroup for adults!


We will focus on puzzles, toys, games and other ideas with mathematical or matheMAGICal aspects, meeting at 7pm on the second to last Tuesday of every month at a local pub in York.


Our 2016 dates are: 23 August, 20 September, 18 October, 22 November. Details and links can also be found at www.MathsJam.eventbrite.co.uk


We aim to tie in with the national MathsJam network @MathsJam or http://www.mathsjam.com 


This accounts for the slightly odd days that we meet, and means we shall also attract people under the age of 50.