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Current "Contemporary Studies" Groups.                 Members: to find more details/dates/news or to contact a Group Leader, go to our Member's Page

                                                                                                Interest Groups are open to York U3A members only.

We have a mixture of topics, some decided in advance, some items of current interest.


If you enjoy expressing your opinions (not party political please) on current affairs or timeless problems come and join us.



Venue:The Fell Room on the first Friday in the month from October to June inclusive, 10:30 am to noon.


Discussion Group - What do you Think?


Conversation Group


Films Plus

Mindfulness based

Living Course



Press Cuttings

Bring along interesting, funny, topical and quirky items from the press/magazines/periodicals etc. (We do not discuss politics!)


We meet once a month at my home.


Venue: Leader’s home


The group is about providing a place for people with much life experience and perhaps reflecting on what this stage of life means. It is an opportunity to talk and listen and find connections with others.

The group has no agenda; there is a conversation; Subjects are explored according to what has been brought by any member. There is a rule of confidentiality.


I am a Group Analyst and this is an application of group analytic principles. There is no like group in York U3A and as far as I can tell there is no similar group in the U3A organisation nationwide.

The need to talk to each other is in my view more essential today than ever, where technology is fostering virtual relationships and speed is the name of the game.


To hear other points of view and to find other peoples’ experiences may be similar or resonate with your own is what the group offers.  It also is an opportunity to find others with similar concerns. Often when you are in a topic centred group, memories come up and there are associations to life experience which it may not be appropriate to speak about. The conversation group provides a place which is appropriate.

The group meets regularly and works better if members can make a regular commitment.


Everyone has a story but not everyone feels that it is important. This group is somewhere to tell as much as you want of your story in a safe place. It is also somewhere to talk about things that matter to you and be listened to.  It is an opportunity to express views and maybe modify thinking. My experience is that people feel better for communicating and talking, with sometimes surprising benefits.



Venue:The group meets in the Woolman Room on the first Wednesday of the month at 2.00-4.00p.m. starting in September.

I really enjoy seeing films on the big screen.  This enjoyment is enhanced when there is the opportunity to discuss the films afterwards.  This was the inspiration for Films Plus.  We go to see films early evening, around a 6pm screening, at City Screen and then meet at a nearby bar to discuss the film.  


I contact those interested as soon as possible after the film listings come out, usually about a week before the screening, to tell members the chosen film, time and date.  These may be mainstream films, or from the ‘Discover Tuesdays’ selection.  


I try to incorporate suggestions from group members.  Films are generally suggested fortnightly, alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  


Group members choose which evenings they wish to join us.    


Venue: City Screen and a nearby bar. We book and pay for our own tickets and drinks.  There is wheelchair access at City Screen and the bar.  Some films are subtitled and some have audio description.  


This group is for people who have heard about mindfulness and want to learn the basics.   Mindfulness is not just for those in chronic pain or in stressed out meltdown, it is for everyone!  I have been using mindfulness for more than 20 years, in my own life and in my work.  


Mindfulness is a life skill, like oiling your bike wheels or cleaning your teeth, something you can do every day to keep your mind in good order!  This course has been developed by the UK Mindfulness Association and introduces a range of basic mindfulness practices that can be used as part of everyday living.  


The course materials include a booklet and audio tracks to download onto a CD or MP3 player.  I will arrange for these to be available on the York U3A website.  There will be one session a month for 8 months.  


Please note that the sessions are a structured course and you would benefit from attending regularly, but can miss a session and catch up in your own time.  Those that have done basic mindfulness already may want to develop their practice and can contact me so we can think about setting up a practice group.


Venue: Fell Room 1.30 – 3.30pm, first Friday in the month starting October


Green Group


A proposal to start a Green Group.

Does mankind's lifestyle endanger our future?  


Is large-scale climate changing a real threat to our planet?  Or are we worrying unnecessarily?



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